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Constitution and bylaws of Public Interest Organization
Radio Amateurs Club «HF-UHF Club Estonia»

Adopted by Club`s Council in accordance with voting held on 14/11/2020.

I. General Terms.
1.1. Public interest organization Radio amateurs «HF-UHF Club Estonia» (hereinafter referred to as «Club») shall be a union of licensed radio amateurs.
1.2. Club acts based on Republic of Estonia Constitution, Human Rights Declaration, International Telecommunications Union regulations and other  Republic of Estonia laws, this Constitution and other laws, rules and regulations.
Clubs activities base on the principles of free will, equal rights, self-governance, legitimacy, publicity and human rights and freedoms.  
1.3. Clubs shall unite radio amateurs of Estonia as well as the radio amateurs from all over the world.
1.4. Full Clubs name in Russian:
Общественная организация клуб радиолюбителей «HF-UHF Club Estonia». Full name in English: «HF-UHF Club Estonia». Short name of the club in Russian: «клуб HF-UHF». Short name of the club in English: «HF-UHF Ham Radio Club».
*1.5. Club`s postal address: To be defined later.
1.6. In-laws of current Constitution are mandatory for all members and bodies of the club.
1.7. Clubs shall not be held liable for any club member obligations. Club members shall not be held liable for any club`s obligations. Club shall not be held liable for any state obligations same as the state shall not be held liable for any Club`s obligations.

II. Goals of the Radio Amateurs club «HF-UHF Club Estonia».
2.1. Club shall define its goals and define development strategies on its own
Our goals:
1) Unionization of Estonian radio amateurs as well as radio amateurs of the world;
2) Promotion of the radio amateurs communication, history and traditions of the radio, radio sports activities and radio amateur movement;
3) Setting up of friendly contacts with radio amateur clubs and societies of the world.
4) Support of the beginner radio amateurs to start in the hobby;
5) Assist club members in practical radio operations, setting up means of information exchange between club members.
6) Provide information support radio amateurs in order to activate the on-air work;
7) Promote and organize meetings, field days and expeditions, contests and other public activities;
8) Dissemination of knowledge and information by electronic means such as club web site and forum;
9) Foundation of a free Diploma program to reward all radio amateurs independent of clubs membership;
2.2. To reach its goals the club shall co-operate with any commercial, public or scientific entities, state organizations and law enforcement bodies.
2.3. To achieve the goals specified in this constitution club reserves the right to:
- join radio amateurs unions and public organizations;
- freely disseminate information about its;
- stand for club`s and its members rights in the state organizations;
- Act and exercise in full its rights, defined in the public entities governing rules.

III. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Club Membership.
3.1 Application for Membership.
Pursuant to Article 1.1 and 3.1 of the Constitution the following are the membership requirements of the club: a) a Full member shall hold an amateur radio operator`s license recognized by CEPT or member State; b) Proof of 100 (one hundred) confirmed QSO, or a Diploma received for the participation in any of the radio amateurs contests or activities. Same conditions are also for SWL radioamateurs. Applicant for membership fills in application and attaches his log extract or photo or scan of the diploma with his call sign.
3.2. Club consists of individual member however allows collective applications. In rare cases club shall instate the title of Honorable Member.
3.3. Individual club member shall be a radio amateur who has the right to operate on the air or be a short wave listener and accepting the Constitution and express will to follow it and take active part in clubs activities.
3.4. Collective members shall be families, clubs or collective radio stations and other entities who`s member is also an active club`s member.
 3.5. Title Honorable Member can be granted for outstanding performance in club activities or remarkable activities held in order to promote radio amateurs movement. The title is granted by the President and is alleged by Club Council.
3.6. Club membership applications review shall be carried out in accordance with the rules set up by The Club Council.
*3.7. Club member is obliged to pay the membership fee for the next year during the period from the 1st of October to the 31 of December of the year. New members joined the club and paid the membership fee during the specified period are considered as paid for the next period. The amount of the membership fee is defined by the Club conference. Each club member has the right to pay an amount equal to 20 yearly fees valid for the date of payment to become a life time member.

*3.8. Failure to pay membership fee stops the membership until the reason of no payment is clarified by the club Secretary. The membership resumes automatically after payment is received.  The club member failed to pay is not able to exercise the membership privileges.  In case the member is not paying the membership fee without any reason shall be excluded from the members list. Re-application for the club membership is, however, possible and his or hers membership number shall be reactivated.
3.9. Forfeiture of the club membership.
In case of voluntary membership cancellation the membership shall be considered cancelled only after reception of a written or oral notice. The cancellation shall then be confirmed by the club Council. Para 4.3 of the Constitution shall be enough for membership cancellation. Membership shall be cancelled also in case of death or in case of person is officially confirmed missing.
Membership fee shall be non-refundable in case of membership forfeiture. Each membership cancellation is stated in changes to the current members list by the Club Council. The membership numbers shall not be re-issued except the cases when the membership is restored.

IV. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Members powers and duties.
4.1. All club members have equal powers and duties.
4.2. Club members have rights to:
1) elect or be elected to the governing boards of the club;
2) candidate for any regulatory position within the club;
3) Check and control activity of Club governing bodies in accordance to this Constitution;
4) address to the governing bodies of the club with the statements and offers and demand voting for these actions;
5) take part in the events held by the club: conferences, field days, meetings of interest, contests or expeditions
6) file the questions to the conference agenda, to the conference questionnaire and suggest ways of clubs functioning improvements;
7) vote on the clubs conferences in accordance with this Constitution;
8) receive any club related information
9) use club`s symbols on his or hers QSL cards, radio gear, personal belongings in order to promote the club;
10) count on support and protection of the club in his or hers radio amateurs activities;
11) cancel his or hers membership.
4.3. Club Members duties:
1) follow the Constitution;
2) take part in club`s activities;
3) honor and respect other club members;
4) be promotive of helpfulness, friendship and aid-giving relations between the club members;
5) represent an example of radio amateur`s ethics;
*6) pay the membership fees in timely manner. Club members aged of 80, Worl War 2 veterans, Honorable members are exempt from paying the membership fee;
7) prevent or refrain from actions that are harmful to clubs activities;
8) follow the Conference and Club Council decisions.

V. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» governance bodies.
5.1. Governance bodies shall the Conference and Club Council.
5.2. The highest governance institution of the club shall be the Conference which is held once a year as minimum. By the request of the President, Club Council the conference can be called out more often.
5.3. Due to geographical locations of club members it is allowed to conduct the Conference by the online means i.e skype, teamspeak or similar, in addition the questionnaire for the Conference can be filled and sent via email not later than 3 days prior to the Conference. Club Council shall publish the Agenda of the Conference and the questionnaire on club`s web site. The Conference does not have quorum and decisions are made by majority of votes.
5.4. Exclusive Competences of the Conference:
1) adoption of the Constitutions, its amendments and corrections;
2) definition or changes to strategy of clubs activities;
3) definition of membership admission rules ;
4) definition of the membership fees;
5) elections of Club Council members.
6) elections of the President or his/hers early termination of powers;
7) definition of Club Council members duties;
8) decision of clubs functioning termination.

Reorganization or termination of the club is adopted by 2/3 of the votes of members present on the Conference.
5.5. Full time governance body of the club shall be the Club Council. The Club council is governing the club in the period between the Conferences. The Club council is elected for 5 years from the club members. The elected Club Council is reporting to the Conference. The Club Council can be re-elected for a new term. Duties of the Club Council members are defined and adopted on the Conference.  The Club Council early termination of powers can be set up by the 1/3 of votes of active club members.
The Club Council is governed by the President, who organizes and coordinates the council`s activities.  In case of incapacitation of the President the powers are delegated to Vice-President whose position is temporary and instated by the Council.

5.6. The Club Council elects the secretary, the treasurer and defines the duties of the members. The Club Council shall offer a candidate for the Presidents post

5.7. The Club Council meeting are held on demand but not less than twice a month and shall be held valid in case of 50% of members present. The Club Council shall be permitted to make decisions by the terms of voting on meetings, via Skype or email or telephone conversations or any other means of communication provided that the authenticity of transmitted documents can be confirmed.  The President is responsible for meetings planning and shall inform the Club Council members not later than 3 days to the meeting. Final agenda is defined during the Council meeting.

5.8. The Club Council decision shall be held adopted if it is voted for by simple majority of the votes. In case of equal votes for and against the decision project shall be postpones and published for further discussion. All the decisions made during the Club Council meeting is recorded into the protocol.  Protocols shall be kept in the archive and shall be published on the web site of the club.
5.9. Each Club Council member reserves the right to terminate his participation in the Council, the termination notice written or oral shall be sent to the Council and does not require any Council approval.
5.10. Exclusive Club Council Competences are:
1) definition of Council members duties;
2) representation of the Club`s interest in public or governmental institutions;
3) governmental and public institution relations;
4) conduct of conferences, meetings, round tables, contests, activity days or weeks and expeditions;
5) early termination of powers of the Council members, his duties distribution or, in extreme cases nomination of a club member for temporary Council member.
6) publishing of pamphlets, information bulletins or circulating messages;
7) commercial operations if any applicable;
8) election or auditing commission formation;
9) definition of the membership fee;
10) implementation of the personal certificates, diplomas, plaques, medals or other rewards;
11) control of the conference decision implementation;
12) general questions not related to the Conference;
13) The Club Council shall reserve the right to change (with the support from the President) the position of the club web site and forum administration.
5.11. The President is the sole executive body of the club. The President is elected from the Club Council members for the term of 3 (three) years. The President can be reelected for three consecutive terms. The President governs the club activity and reports to the Conference.
The President of the Club:
- Guarantees the members equal rights, presents the interests of the club members in accordance with the Constitution, radio amateurs ethics and current legislative acts and laws.;
- directly responsible for clubs functioning;
- coordinates the work of the Club Council;
- takes part in the establishment of the governing documents of the club and organizes checks for the documents legitimacy;
- acts and represents the club on the territory of Estonia and worldwide;
- organizes publications and promotion of the club in the mass media for the sake of popularization of the radio amateur movement;
- functions as a moderator or manager of the clubs programs;
- coordinates activity of the reginal representatives of the club should any be required;
- takes part in the Council members duties definition
- makes decisions and actions these should these be out of exclusive competences of other governance bodies.

VI. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Property.
7.1. The club`s property can be formed of:
1) entry membership fees;
2) yearly membership fees;
3) support from physical or legal entities;
4) donations;
5) one time contributions;
6) earnings from merchandise distribution including but not limited by flags, symbolism, badges etc;
7) any other legal income.
7.2. The club is not a commercial entity and not pursuant of any commercial activity or earnings. Any income as per Para 7.1 shall be used in pursuant of reaching club`s goals:
1) production or purchase of any pamphlets, plaques, badges etc.;
2) organization of the conferences, meetings, round tables, contests, activity days, field days, special call signs application and operation and any other legal activity required in pursuant of the club`s goals.

VIII. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» club Emblem.
8.1. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» club emblem is a graphic presentation of the handheld transceiver and wording HF-UHF Club Estonia.

IХ. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Club flag.
9.1. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» is a rectangular blue cloth with the club`s emblem in the middle.

Х. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Club Stamp.
10.1. The club is not using the stamp. This paragraph is subject to change by the Club Council with the communication of such a decision to the club members.

ХI. «HF-UHF Club Estonia» Club Termination of Operations.
11.1. The operations of the club shall be considered terminated in case of voluntary liquidation or permanent ban on its operation.
11.2. The club`s property will be split in shares by the liquidation commission.

XII. Website and forum of «HF-UHF Club Estonia».
12.1 Website and forum are the main means of information exchange and showpiece of  «HF-UHF Club Estonia».
Information regarding the club`s activities, news, meetings or events, Club Council or the President statements are published on the website.
12.2 Technical support and administration of the «HF-UHF Club Estonia» website and forum shall be carried out by Sergei Klimenko (ES1LL) Andrei Walter (ES4AW).
12.3 General moderation of the forum shall be carried out by Andrei Skobelev (ES1TIA).
12.4 Content placement shall be carried out by the club members on the principles of friendship and equal rights.
12.5 In case of necessity the Club Council, the President and The Conference shall reserve the right of making changes in positions of website and forum administrators and moderators in pursuant of development and effectiveness of work.
Note: Paragraphs 3.6, 3.7, 4.3 6) marked with * and related to membership fees are not exercised until further notice from the Club Council.

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